Real Estate Isn’t the Only Real Investment

I had a teacher in high school who continually drilled me with the idea that going to a community college is the best choice. You should never pay more for a private school, a state school etc. He argued you get the same experience and credits from a community college.

He talked to us about budgeting and saving money- something I believe I do well. He told us the only investment we should make, the only thing in this life we should take loans out for is real estate.

I am here to share with you that I disagree. Strongly.



Buying a house vs. picking a college:

When looking for a house you must consider all aspects: location, environment, commute, community, price, value and so on.

-You look for something that you can stay in and grow in. Whether that is for four years or forty

–You are looking for something that you can rely on, a place you can call home. A community that will welcome and invite you.

-You are looking for relationships to bloom, people to know and to know you.

College isn’t much different.

-You take your time carefully choosing a place where you can grow, meet people, learn, and find community.

-You look at the price, you look at the location, the community. You prepare for a place that will be your home for the next four or more years.

During these four years, it’s more than just a loan, a big number on your screen or money coming out of your account. It’s time spent growing, changing, learning, loving.

It’s a time that will prepare you for more than a job. It helps prepare you for life. Life isn’t only about your job, your house or money. It’s about you and the people and things you love and that is always worth investing in.

Whether you choose to go to a community college, a state college a private college or any other form of education, know that it is an investment in yourself and in your life. Yes, budget, save money, work hard,  but the majority of people buying the home they love, had to take some time paying it off. They do this because they see it as an investment… and you should too.

So, to all of you wondering which college to choose, stressing about the price, understand this: College, if treated right, is an INVESTMENT. This money you are putting into school is an investment in yourself. Something that will stick with you for years and years after you’ve left.

Are you struggling to figure this out? You’re not alone! Have any questions? I have gone three years in the place that I see as an investment. One that I will work hard for and try my best to not take for granted.  How are you feeling about your decision?


Until next time,


(God, I pray for whoever reads this that You use these words for their good and for their needs specifically. And that anything I might have said that does not align with Your Words and beliefs that You change it so that it does.)

Transitions, Transitions, Transitions

It’s my third year of college and I still don’t have it figured out. Maybe you weren’t expecting that, but it’s the truth.

So, let this be a reminder to all who are new to college (or school, work etc.) or have been here for a while.

I guess I always imagined that after freshman year I would have everything down, no worries, on track, and better than I ever was before. In my mind, as I go into another year, everything is supposed to get better, easier, simpler.

I don’t know if that is the case. Like I said, I’m three years in and sometimes I feel less prepared than I did as a freshman, just in different ways. I thought my freshman year transition was hard, well it was. My transition then involved a lot of uncertainty, doubt, confusion, loneliness and much more.

Guess what? Those feelings don’t just magically disappear as I get older or go into another year. They just look a little different; they evolve. Those emotions just come with different circumstances and situations. And usually, different people are involved as well.

I don’t know as if we are ever done with transitions.

**Storytime: Today, as I went to get my books I was thinking about this post wondering if it would be one of many left in draft mode or if it would go up. Then, I saw this older man, dressed nicely, white hair combed back, the kind that probably doesn’t associate themselves with crazy college students with ripped jeans, headphones in, and messy hair. (if you have grandparents like this you understand :))

He was at the wrong door and was obviously confused about the whereabouts of the bookstore. Something in me said to ask him if he needed help… and he did. He kindly took my directions and proceeded to follow me. As we walked I talked about the new building and how “everything was everywhere”.

“Life is kind of like that isn’t it?”

In my head, I was thinking well, yeah life is everywhere. It’s a mess. But, he took it a step further.

“It seems life is full of transitions,” he said.

Of course, my mind clicked and I gave a little “ha ha I see you” to God.

To all of you going through a transition… and by that I mean everyone. Maybe instead of pushing really hard to just get through it because it will be better after it’s done, we can live through it.

There’s no doubt that it could get better. I think transition might have a bit of a negative connotation. Transitions don’t have to be bad and really not all are, maybe not any? I myself, am more aware of the “bad” ones,  I always attempt to rush through them even if I barely scrape by, hey, at least I made it right?

Now, being aware of this, I want to challenge myself and others to not only just push through it but to live through it. It’s not like we will have a time of zero transition afterward, it might be a “better” or seemingly more bearable transition but one nonetheless.

Who knows, you might be missing something really great in the middle of the transition because you’re too focused on sprinting through it eyes closed, holding your breath until it’s “over”.

I believe this is the way God wants us to live because that’s the way His Son lived.


Until next time,


(God, I pray for whoever reads this that You use these words for their good and for their needs specifically. And that anything I might have said that does not align with Your Words and beliefs that You change it so that it does.)